IZOLA - Adriatic Organ Model

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Izola, XVIIIe siècle

Banque de sons compatible HAUPTWERK à partir de la Version 4

A typical small instrument of the Italian style: pyramidal Principal chorus (Ripieno), embellished by the solo stops Flauto and a tasteful reed stop -Tromboncini, the resonators of which are exposed in front of the Prospekt pipes. We can find such an organ in almost every church on the northern coast of the Adriatic where the influence of Venice organbuilding was felt.

Principal chorus = Ripieno Solo stops

Principale bassi (8')

Flauto in VIII bassi (4')
Principale soprani (8') Flauto in VIII soprani (4')
Ottava (4')  
Quintadecima (2') Tromboncini bassi (8')
Decima nona (1 1/3') Tromboncini soprani (8')
Vigesima seconda (1')